Buying or Selling A Business

Buying or selling a business can be an incredibly complex transaction.  My firm provides complete representation for both buyers and sellers from negotiating and drafting the letter of intent, through the due diligence process, and closing the transaction.  In addition, my firm counsels clients on the different structures and alternatives for a purchase or sale.

FOR BUYERS, my firm can conduct a full due diligence review of the target company and provide a frank assessment of the legal issues surrounding the acquisition.   My firm will counsel you on the alternative acquisition structures to make sure the deal fits your needs and achieves your goals.

You can click this link to read David’s interview with Fiscal Notes titled “Business Ownership – Is it for You?”

FOR SELLERS, my firm can assist you in preparing the company for sale including evaluating and addressing any issues necessary to help maximize the value of the business.  The firm can prepare, control, and monitor the due diligence process to both protect your confidential information and allow you to focus on running your business.

My business acquisition services can be custom tailored to fit your particular needs varying from full representation and handling of all matters, including negotiations, to a more behind the scenes approach providing advice and counsel while you carry out the deal.  Some of the common legal issues that arise in the acquisition process include:


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Do I Need a Lawyer When I Buy a Business Through a Broker?

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